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The Benefits of Diversity Recruitment in the Customer Service Sector

September 22, 2015 by  
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There are many personal benefits one can derive from working in an environment that includes a diverse set of people-however, there are many economical benefits that arise when diversifying staff members in the customer service sector. When approached in this manner, diversity recruitment can be a valuable tool for increasing the output and effectiveness of your staff in ways that may have gone overlooked previously.

Diversity among coworkers can strengthen communication skills with customers.

Any face-to-face time that an employee has with a person that may share different views is valuable for practicing effective communication. Offering these opportunities to employees within the workplace through diversity recruitment, then, is a great way to strengthen customer relations. Conflict arises naturally through misunderstandings, and creative problem solving could start in the office-decreasing the likelihood of them arising with customers.

Empathy allows us to better assess the needs of the customer.

The art of customer service is very much tied up in knowing the customer’s needs and wants. When we diversify our staff, we award our employees the opportunity to practice empathy-putting ourselves into the shoes of the other. Cultural differences will merit different sets of needs, be it the need for a particular communication style or attitude when speaking. Practicing empathy on a regular basis will allow employees to recognize these needs more effectively and quickly, increasing the success of your team.

Creative problem-solving is a fantastic tool in the customer service sector.

As previously stated, creative problem-solving should start in the office-and should be facilitated by leadership staff. This not only applies to interpersonal conflict, however. Understand that these problem-solving skills don’t just happen-they are practiced skills that need more so practiced within the workplace. Discussions, scenarios could be lead by leadership staff for employees to bring valuable experience to the table. Once honed, these skills will improve communication skills between employees and customers.

As you can see, diversity recruitment may have benefits that are not quite so visible on first inspection, however can prove to be long-lasting improvements on the efficiency and communication skills of your employees. Never underestimate the power of experience when it comes to customer service-it’s the best tool we’ve got.

The author is very devoted to societal concerns, particularly ones related to equality and diversity employment

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