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Strategic Diversity Recruiting

October 13, 2012 by  
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Diversity is a welcome asset to the American workplace. Yet many organizations lack a strategy for effective diversity recruitment. The constant pressure to improve diversity at all levels of an organization demands new ways of working, thinking, and communicating – ways that a strategy can provide. This workshop will examine:

  • How to position your organization to source diverse candidates at all levels of the organization
  • The best practices in diversity recruiting
  • Establishing your diversity profile to realize business goals and to benchmark comparable organizations to improve your own

Key Topics

  • Ten strategies for improving diversity recruitment and retention
  • Searching for diverse sourcing
  • The best sources
  • Diversity and the Internet
  • An examination of challenges and opportunities
  • Finding diverse candidates for free or for a fee
  • Improving staff diversity with training and education
  • Diversity recruiting fact vs. fiction
  • Why diversity recruiting is so difficult
  • Training and career management
  • The need for a strategic approach to diversity recruiting
  • Why HR must partner with the entire organization to ensure success
  • Holding managers accountable for diversity recruiting success
  • Building a diversity recruiting plan

Special Features

  • Extensive case study and application
  • An annotated reference of diversity recruiting source material

Who Will Benefit

EEO, AA, diversity, and other HR generalists and specialists who want to learn how to make diversity work for them in the performance of their responsibilities

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