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Do You Have a Diversity Recruiting Plan?

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As a business leader, you are contemplating the next steps for your company’s growth and future. One critical issue is staffing and recruiting. It is imperative that a company finds the right people to do the job. Some questions one may ask: Do you move forward to fill certain vacancies or do you leave them open? Another concern may be budget: What budgets are in place for the position? Can it be a contract position versus a full-time? Does the position contribute to the overall growth or financial sustainability of the company? Most companies have a staffing plan in place; but, do you have a diversity recruiting plan?

What about Diversity? Well, let us consider how the lack of a diversity recruiting plan can IMPACT your bottom line. Just ask many of the companies that suffered “Class-Action” lawsuits. We won’t mention names, but the penalties can be high. Although, we tend to look at the most qualified candidates to fill positions; oftentimes, diversity groups are often overlooked for “critical” positions. That is why, as a diversity search firm, our focus is on workplace “INCLUSION” and not exclusion. I often hear, “we can’t seem to find diversity candidates for our positions.” There is no excuse for NOT hiring diversity talent for senior or professional positions.

Diversity matters in the workplace. There is compelling business evidence in favor of the necessity for diversity recruiting in today’s workplace. Listed below are abbreviated points of how diversity inclusion is vital for profit and growth of your company.

A Diversity recruiting plan is essential for the following reasons:

1. Product sales dramatically increase: When customers see people that look like them serving their needs.

2. Products/services: Make more money developing cultural variations.

3. Customers are changing – as diversity increases: So must companies have products, services, and employees to reflect those diverse needs.

4. Advertising and marketing campaigns: Campaigns must be focused, effective, timely and sensitive.

6. Globalization and competitive advantage demands it: A company must understand the unique needs of people from different cultures and regions.

7. Productivity: Increases with managers that understand managing diversity.

8. Loss of talent & increased recruiting costs: When companies do not value diversity at the expense of the majority. Diversity recruiting requires managers and recruiters with diverse perspectives and experiences.

9. “Why” questions: People from diverse backgrounds and experiences often “challenge” and question business processes. If managed correctly it can lead to the adoption of a continuous improvement mindset.

10. Better decision-making: Team members from the same background and experiences generally make decisions within their narrow range of experiences.


Ramona Clay is President/Owner of Ramona Clay, Inc., an Executive & Diversity search boutique staffing firm specializing in recruiting African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and other professionals. We are a 100% minority/woman-owned enterprise with over 15+ years of experience recruiting for Top companies across America. She is the author of “Living with Joy: How to dance with life when the music stops.” and “The Miracle Entrepreneur: Success Principles for starting a business with little or no money.”Her favorite scripture is Luke 1:37 “With God nothing shall be impossible.”

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